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“Always the First Retreat,
                     Never the Last Resort”

A Stone’s Throw Away Back in Time

Rising gently up from the Pacific Ocean and a mere 35 minutes fast boat ride away from the Central Eastern coastline of Viti Levu, lies a sparkling emerald green clad island gem, rimmed by golden sand, neatly sandwiched between two of Fiji’s most historically prominent cultural mantels, that of Bau and Ovalau Islands.

Leleuvia Island Resort provides just the right amount of life’s necessities without spoiling your desert island experience. Here you’re free to indulge yourself in sensory depravation, far from the stimulus of a modern world. An artist’s retreat, a lover’s escape, a journeyman’s destination or as a waterman’s playground, Leleuvia can be many things to many people.


Whale encounter
TWO tourists were greeted by the majestic sight of a humpback whale on their way to an island more.

Source: The Fiji Times

A perfect holiday paradise
IF you were to say the word "Fiji" to any English man or woman, they would probably respond with a more

Source: The Fiji Times

Trade Winds to Soothe Your Soul

Sway in a hammock to the beat of lapping waves. Meander the island’s jungle pathways to the shrill of bird-life or stroll its tree-clad shoreline. Walk the giant sandbank at low-water or free-dive and snorkel the waters as transparent as air or dive the Davetalevu Passage; do as much or as little as you like.

Resplendent in History, Rich in Culture

The Lomaiviti Island Group represents Fiji’s most prominent and significant in its history, Leleuvia situated between the Chiefly island of Bau, Moturiki and Ovalau islands, is poised as the perfect venue to base yourself to explore these islands steeped in mythology, warfare and ancient tribal rights, where you may discover and walk upon the very tracks made by the indigenous peoples of the land, its tribal warriors, high-chiefs, the first settlers and the missionaries.

Waisiliva – The Silver Waters of Leleuvia

The waters around Leleuvia are called Waisiliva – Silver Waters. Nightfall sees reflections and glimmers dance on the waters surface. With each full moon, we celebrate by lighting a bonfire on the islands beachfront, rekindling ancient urges and a connection with the elements and the power of forces which have served to shape this island gem and all that you see around it.

Outrigger Canoeing and Canoe Sailing

As if to reinforce the intense historical significance of the region, outrigger canoeing and canoe sailing are but some of the water sports available as part of your Leleuvia experience, a sport and craft indigenous to the Pacific of deep cultural and historical significance, serving to perpetuate it’s presence.