1. How big is Leleuvia Island?

Leleuvia Island is 550m long and 240m across at it’s widest point.
A convenience store is located within the reception and stocks necessities

2. I’m flying into Nadi International Airport, how do I get to Leleuvia

You have several options, depending on your budget and time limits. Boat pick-ups to Leleuvia Island are from Bau Landing taking approximately 35mins. We have ‘preferred’ Taxi and Mini Bus Operators with good rates and reliability. We can book this for you.
Plane + Taxi + Boat Connect and fly Nadi International to Suva (Nausori) Airport, a short 25 minutes, followed by brief 20 minute Taxi ride to Bau Landing.
Taxi + Boat Taxi journey (@FJD$160) to Bau Landing (3 hours)
Coach + Taxi + Boat Coach from the Nadi International to Suva (FJD$16) 4 hours, then 45 minute Taxi ride to Bau Landing (FJD$35).

3. What are the check in and check out times?

Check-in time is 10am but dependent on the days boat schedule. Boat departure times are 9am and 3pm. However we can arrange a special boat time if you need to connect with a local or international flight.

4. Can we pay with a Credit or Debit Card?

Yes and you may charge any additional expenses to your account during your stay for final payment on departure.

5. Can we telephone the island direct?

We have 2 dedicated ‘fixed lines’ you can call + 679 8901049 and + 679 8901050. Our office hours are 7.30am – 8.30pm but in emergencies you can call at any time – please call + our 679 8901049 number.

6. Do you have Internet access?

Wi-Fi is provided free of charge within the Bar and Restaurant area. The network is called, ‘Leleuvia Resort’ and no password is required to log-on. This is available during hours when the island’s electricity supply is live between the hours of approximately 6.30am – 12.00pm.

7. Do you have mobile phone coverage?

Yes. Both major networks (Vodafone/Digicel) cover the island for ease of communication. The Resort also has a fixed line that operates via the cellular network should you need to make outside calls.

8. Do you cater for special diets?

Please notify us should you have any food allergies or special meal requirements. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

9. Is the water safe to consume?

Water supply on the island is a combination of both rainwater and desalinated water. The water supplied in the Restaurant is safe to drink. Filtered water is sold at the Bar and Gift Shop. PLEASE CONSERVE WATER.

10. What are your meal times?

Breakfast    8.00am to 9.30am (coffee/tea daily from 7.30am)
Lunch          12.00pm to 1.30pm
Dinner          7.00pm to 8.30pm

Please note, young children are usually served dinner 30 minutes prior to the 7pm evening dinner, in order to get to bed early and provide parents some alone time.

11. Is breakfast included and if so what does it include?

Yes, breakfast is included with your stay with us and includes a mixture of fresh fruit (pawpaw, banana and pineapple), a wide variety of pastries, porridge, organic home made jams, toast (on request), breakfast cereals, fresh milk, soy milk, a variety of teas, fresh brewed coffee, orange juice, banana pancakes. Egg, pancake stacks with bacon are also available for an additional charge.

12. What is your menu?

We provide a fixed daily menu created with a Fijian twist. A cooked breakfast is available for an additional fee and Bar Snacks are available all day. Desserts are also available all day for additional fee.

13. What are the bar times?

The bar is open from breakfast onwards (7am). Happy hour begins from 5pm to 7pm daily. Bar closing time is on a demand basis.

14. What Alcohol do you sell on the island?

The resort bar stocks a wide range of local and imported beer, wine and spirits. The bar staff make a mean cocktail and enjoy mixing new drinks if you have a particular favourite. We offer some of the best alcohol prices in Fiji particularly at Happy Hour (5 – 7pm daily) when our beers are sold at $2 off and other popular drinks offered at special prices.

15. Can we bring alcohol onto the island?

No beer may be brought onto the island.
We charge FJD$10 per bottle for wine brought onto the island 
and consumed here.
Please be mindful, anything that comes onto the island, must be taken off the island. We recycle wine bottles for our home-made Ginger Beer that is sold at the bar and also for Coconut Oil, made in the villages of Moturiki Island. 

16. Is smoking permitted?

Due to the highly flammable nature of the materials used in the construction of our Bure’s and Dormitory, there is strictly no smoking allowed within these areas. Within the Bar and Restaurant areas we ask that smoking is taken outside of the building area. Please be considerate of Beach users and especially of children. 

17. What medical facilities do you have?

We carry a full medical kit in the office. The closest Medical Clinics are located in Moturiki, Levuka and Nausori. Please see the Duty Manager if you need to visit a Doctor.

18. Do you cater for special medical requirements?

We try to accommodate all needs. Please contact us directly should you need to discuss.

19. Are amenities shared?

No. Separate gender amenities are provided. 

20. What essentials should I bring with me?

Towels for showers and beach use, sun-screen and a torch for after midnight when the generator is shut down (we provide rechargeable night lights in each Bure). 

21. What toiletries are provided?

Coconut soap is supplied in the amenities block for you convenience. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrushes are available from the gift shop.

22. Do you supply towels?

We encourage visitors to bring towels with them to minimize our laundry demand. Towels are however available from the front desk. There is no charge for the towels, but there is a FJD$20 fee for loss or damage. 

23. Do you have a laundry facility?

We provide a laundry service for a flat fee of $15 / bag. 
 Laundry bags are provided at the front desk.

24. Can we secure our valuables?

If you have any concerns regarding valuable items, please inquire at the front desk as we have a safety lock up which we can provide free of charge. 

25. Are there Mosquito’s on the island?

We play special attention to ensuring the island is Mosquito free, treating the island regularly and removing potential hazards where Mosquitos may breed. There are no Mosquitos on Leleuvia and every effort is made to retain this situation. 

26. Does it get cold?

Leleuvia sits on the North East side of Viti Levu, on the edge of Vatuvara, the windiest part of Fiji due to the South East Trade Winds channeling between the two main islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. It may become cool in the evenings of May to October, so it is advisable to pack a long sleeve jumper.

27. What Activities do you offer?

• Scuba Diving – including a “Discover Scuba” short course for those not certified
• Outrigger Canoe Paddling and Canoe Sailing
• Snorkeling
• Kayaks
• Fishing
• Stand Up Paddle Boards
• Day trips to Levuka, Fiji’s first capital to visit the historical sites
• Village visits to neighbouring Moturiki Island

28. Can I watch my favourite Sport on TV?

We have a Sky Pacific Dish and show major sporting events in the main dining area. However the TV remains switched off for the remainder of the time. 

29. Is there a church service on the island?

We can arrange for one of the staff to take you across to Moturiki to the local church service on Sundays.

30. Can I visit Levuka from Leleuvia

Yes, we cater for day trips to the historic town of Levuka and can provide a guide. 

31. Do you have Babysitters?

We can happily arrange babysitting for you. 

32. Are Lifejackets provided on the Transfer Boat?

Yes. Australian Standard approved Life Vests in all sizes (including infants) are supplied on our transfer boats and for all watersports.

33. Are there any private beaches I can go to?

Nearby Honeymoon Island, an uninhabited sand cay located 4 kilometers from Leleuvia Island provides a perfect private beach and island experience. Please inquire at reception.

34. Do you offer massage on the island?

Yes, we have a Massage Bure and offer 30 minute and 1hour massages, which can be arranged at the front desk.

35. Can the kids be entertained in the evenings?

We have movie nights to entertain shown on a big screen with surround sound and show a selection of carefully chosen movies.

36. Can we snorkel directly from the beach?

Yes. Our coral farm and coral garden is situated immediately off of our main beach area. Snorkeling equipment is inclusive, so there’s no need to take a boat or swim over deep water to enjoy Leleuvia’s marine life.

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