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Lovoni Village on Ovalau Island

Levuka Town Ovalau
Lovoni Village on Ovalau Island
Moturiki Island
Lovo & Kava Nights
Lovoni Village on Ovalau Island

Epi’s Midland Tour 

If you’re seeking immersion in Fiji culture and have a thirst for knowledge of it’s history or an interest in botanical medicine, then this tour is for you. Epi’s Midland Tours of Lovoni Village, Ovalau Island, are as much about the man as it is the experience of his treks and the chance to sample traditional Fijian food.

For near on twenty years, Epi has passed on his passion and knowledge of the Lovoni people and of the history of the tensions and struggles which have served to define an area of Fiji, considered the cauldron and chalice from which Fijian culture manifested.

Leleuvia Island Resort, platforms as an ideal venue to base oneself for such a day trip. Up early in the morning, breakfast is followed by a 9am boat trip, arriving on Ovalau Island some 30 minutes later to a remote stretch of road, where Epi is there to greet you. Another 30 minute flat-bed truck, dirt road drive to the village of Lovoni, the first village established on Ovalau, puts you in the centre of the island, within a volcanic crater, lush with vegetation and history, where you will begin your day of discover



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