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Resort boosts its accommodation portfolio

LELEUVIA Island Resort recently boosted its accommodation portfolio with the development of four deluxe bure with new ensuites, a notch higher than its simple private bure. The $100,000 project has added a slightly wider accommodation option for guests on the private island — primarily convenient for the resort’s dominant family market. According to the resort manager Colin Philp, the bure with new ensuites has an added shower and washroom facilities to the private bure which has been on demand since its launch. “We have added four new ensuites now and probably going to add another two more. “We’ve tried with two and they were really popular and now four is always full, so we’ll keep going until we think we’ve got enough on the island,” Mr Philip told this newspaper.

Apart from the island resort’s dormitory accommodation option, the resort previously offered about 20 traditional thatched private bure with shared bathroom and toilet facilities conveniently situated nearby. But now with the deluxe bure with new en suites, Mr Philip said this would appeal for its guests travelling with families and elderly. “We still have a lot of people that like the bure as they are, nice and simple, so we’ll have a mix of both,” he said. “The bure with toilet and shower are really good for the larger families that are bringing grandparents or parents who are little bit older and want their own privacy of their own bathroom and shower.”

The new ensuite bure accommodates three guests as standard with a queen and a single bed but the resort allows guests to have the bure arranged in whatever bedding configuration they require, up to a maximum of six guests in each. Mr Philp added that the new development availed more options for its guests in terms of the different types of accommodation. “We got some guests who just want to tuck themselves away and only come out during meal time and the en suites are perfect for that,” he said. The resort has also shifted its focus from the backpacker market to the family market to complement the island’s relaxing effect and experience. Since 2007, Leleuvia Island Resort had come under new management — Pacific Building Solution (PBS) — which saw extensive renovations done to the island property

Source: Leleuvia Island Resort/Fiji Times 17 May, 2018.


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